The Vet Driven Laboratory Diagnostic System

An in-practice, diagnostic chemistry system that puts the power of choice back into your hands

With an industry leading 31 assays and 6 calculated tests available, the respons®910VET system is designed to provide customizable clinical chemistry test ordering that is matched to your practice’s specific needs.

Redefined ease of use

Simplified ordering of any test, any combination, any time. It’s your choice! Read more

Result accuracy assured

Reference laboratory technology in a compact, yet powerful point-of-care system. Read more

Configured for cost effective operation

Liquid ready-to-use reagents providing one of the lowest cost per test in the industry. Read more

Reliability built in by design

Long useful life with capacity to meet volume growth and changing test menu needs. Read more

Commitment to Quality

Innovative system design delivers results of the highest quality. Read more



Technical specifications

System type Bench top clinical chemistry analyzer
Throughput 150 tests/hour
Reagent/sample tray 30 reagent positions plus 30 sample positions; combined in single tray
Sample types Serum, plasma, whole blood
Sample volume 2 – 30 μL
Reagent pipetting volume Reagent 1: 120 – 250 μL Reagent 2: 10 – 130 μL
SensorsLiquid-level sensor, clot sensor and crash sensor
STAT-analytics 2 sample positions for loading of emergency samples at any time
Bar code identification Automatic bar code scan for reagents and samples
Measuring principle   Colorimetry (rate; end point)
Sample tubes/cups Primary tubes of 5, 7 and 10 mL and sample cups (1.5 and 2.5 mL)
Reagent on-board capacity 30 different methods in bar coded containers
Reaction temperature   37 ± 0.2 °C
Photometry 12 wavelengths: 340, 380, 405, 450, 480, 508, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700 and 800 nm (mono- and bichromatic)
System interfaceAnalyzer to PC: USB 2.0 connectivity bi-directional; PC: Pentium IV or higher
PMS/LIS connectivity Yes
Remote diagnosticsYes
System interface Analyzer - PC: USB connectivity bi-directional; CPU: Pentium IV or higher
Power sourceAC 110/220 V, 60/50 Hz; 300 VA excluding PC/printer/monitor
Dimensions 24 in (W) x 26 in (D) x 24 in (H) / 60 cm (W) x 67 cm (D) x 60 cm (H)
Weight Approximately 132 lbs / 60 kg