respons®910 Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Laboratory Diagnostics Done Your Way!

The respons®910 Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer offers Veterinarians new choice as it relates to providing on-site diagnostic testing to their animal patients.  DiaSys Diagnostic Systems provides Veterinarians choice when it comes to configuring the best-fit systems to meet their unique testing volume and testing menu needs.  The proprietary capabilities of this system greatly aids Veterinarians by providing a highly cost-effective and accurate alternative to inflexible testing protocols employed in many systems available today.

respons®910VET Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

The respons®910 Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer delivers…      

  • Customized test ordering  configured in any combination. Any test, any time, your way!
  • Targeted testing protocols which can be pinpointed and analyzed for each unique patient’s symptoms 
  • Reliable design which will meet the test of time and provides built-in capacity to meet future testing volume and menu growth requirements
  • High quality results by utilizing similar technology that is used in major reference laboratories